Gratitude to the first donors of the Fund

On the day of the 100th anniversary of Andrei Sakharov, we would like to announce that Norilsk Nickel and Sberbank were among the first companies to support our Fund.

Also, one of the first to support our Fund was Arkady Volozh (Yandex) and several other prominent entrepreneurs.

In addition, the Fund was supported by a number of well-known graduates of MIPT and MSU, such as Serguei Beloussov (Acronis) and David Yan (ABBYY).

Some of the major donors of our Fund chose to make their donations on a confidential basis.

We would like to thank everybody who helped us. Due to your help, the first talented students of MIPT and MSU studying fundamental physics will receive The Andrei Sakharov Scholarships in September 2021.