Board of Trustees elected Sakharov scholars from MSU

On March 31, 2023 our Board of Trustees held a vote on candidates submitted by the Physics Department of MSU. The Trustees noted that all the candidates presented had a high level of academic and scientific achievements.

The following four scholars were elected by vote:

  • Diana A. GORLOVA (3rd year PhD student, Department of General Physics and Wave Processes)
  • Alexander I. ILYASOV (2nd year MSc student, Department of Optics, Spectroscopy and Nanosystems)
  • Maxim D. KISELEV (4th year PhD student, Department of General Nuclear Physics)
  • Ekaterina V. KYTINA (4th year BSc student, Department of Low Temperature Physics and Superconductivity)

We congratulate all selected scholars and wish them further successes in their studies and scientific careers.