101st anniversary of Andrei Sakharov

Today is the 101st anniversary of Andrei Sakharov – a brilliant Soviet physicist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate.Celebrating this date, both MIPT and MSU Physics Department made important announcements regarding The Andrei Sakharov Scholarships competition this year.

Board of Trustees elected the first Sakharov scholars from MSU

Our Board of Trustees held a vote on six candidates submitted by the Physics Department of MSU for The Andrei Sakharov Scholarships. The Trustees noted that all the candidates presented had an extremely high level of academic and scientific achievements. The following four scholars were elected by vote: Roman V. ZAKHAROV (2nd year PhD student, … Read more

Board of Trustees meeting

On January 20, 2022, we held an online meeting of our Board of Trustees led by the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander M. SERGEEV. At the meeting, the MSU committee representative, Professor of the Department of Quantum Electronics and Vice-Rector Andrey A. FEDYANIN spoke about the competition process and the selected 6 … Read more